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Yacht charter in Malta

Malta is a beautiful yacht chartering destination to experience. It is located in the heart of the Meditarranean and boasts over 300 days of sunshine per year. Being an island surrounded by the sea, chartering a yacht or sailing boat, is one of the best ways to truly appreciate and learn about the Maltese Islands. Throughout the coast of Malta, Comino and Gozo, you can find scenic coastlines, cliff formations, renowned historic harbours and picteresque secluded beaches. Another major benefit of chartering a yacht in Malta, is that the island is globally renowned for its diving opportunities. Most yachts come with a dinghy or jet ski, that make is irresistable to explore the surrounding caves and and marine life.

The follow are some key reasons why we recommend to Charter a Yacht in Malta:

  • Crystal clear water. The Maltese Islands are gifted with clear blue waters and spectecular under water scenery. The combination of the two offer an unforgettable experience for yachting, swimming and snorkeling.
  • As previously mentioned, you can expect to find sunny weather throughout most of the year, ideal of boating. In summer temperatures rise up to 30+degrees.
  • The islands were previously used during many wars and battles. During your yacht charter you will encounter many cultural and historic landmarks. The strategically located harbours offer ease of access onto land.

Motor Yachts Vs Sailing Yacht Charter in Malta.

Motor Yacht Charter

This type of chartering is ideal for both business and pleasure. It offers a memorable and exciting impression on your guests. Many of the yachts to charter have many luxurious and modern amenities while also having the power to cruise and make your way through the waves. The larger the yacht, usually the more fun the equipment and facilities to enjoy.

Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing yachts offer a different type of experience at sea. You can opt for a tranquil and silent cruise across the islands while having ample space on deck where you can relax and work. Most of the larger sailing yachts also offer an office, equipped with modern amenities for your business meeting or gathering. If you are seeking a more exciting experience release the sails to catch the wind and enjoy an action packed high paced cruise.

Things to Consider when Chartering a Yacht in Malta

Once you decided which type of yacht you would like to charter, there are a number of things to keep in mind:

  • The number of persons of persons is likely to determine the size of yacht required. If you are sleeping over night, you also have to condiser the number of cabins.
  • The lenght of stay and destinations desired to visit. If you would like to sail to Gozo, Comino and locations within your vicinity the size of the boat does not have a large impact, however, if you would like to sail around the Maltese Islands of even a trip to Sizily, larger yachts are more suitable as they offer more comfort and safety.
  • Catering & Other services can also be included in your yacht chartering experience. From a crew to manage the boat to or a chefs, butlers and sommeliers to prepare an exquisite dining experience.

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